Excalidraw System Design Library


To ace your FAANG system design interviews you need to prepare and practice! To help you with that I created an excalidraw system design component library! 

My library consists of all components you need to sketch the systems to solve the most most common system design questions:

  • Message Queue

  • Load Balancer

  • CND

  • Search Engine

  • Key-value Store

  • Wide-Column Store

  • Relational Database

  • Custom Service

  • Web or Desktop App

  • Mobile App

If you want to learn more about the individual components read my guide here. 

Excalidraw is a fantastic tool as you can conveniently sketch out your system design and use the collaborative feature for peer review and mock interviews! Moreover it's free and doesn't require any sign-up!

I want this!

Excalidraw System Design Library

I want this!